Pathway To Wellness

We aim to give you

More Energy, Increased motivation, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced pain and inflammation,

Better sleep, Sustainable weight management, and Improved mood and clarity.
In Naturocare Clinic, we offer you a holistic natural medicine approach to health.

Through consultation, we try to find the root causes of your health problems, then re-balance your body by using herbal medicine, vitamin supplementation, nutritional therapy, mineral therapy, homeopathy, diet and life style and other scientifically proven holistic approaches to restore your well being.

We follow integrative and complementary medicine methodologies to recommend measures specifically for you.


Our treatment plans may include the following services


Herbal Medicine is an incredible method for healing, prevention, restoration and protection of health.

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

Vitamin and mineral supplementation is necessary to rectify deficiencies or imbalances.

homeopathy medicine

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and elders.

Skin and hair health assessment

At Naturocare clinic, we assess your skin, hair and scalp by advanced computerised techniques, to find out the core reason of your problem, then we make your Herbal skin and hair products with natural ingredients specifically for your type of skin, hair and scalp.

Diet and weight management

We can help you to Understand what your body requires on a daily basis. We educate you how to supply your body with the proper needs and how to balance your diet and life style and control your health and wellbeing.

nutritional medicine

What you eat has a huge impact on how you feel, how you look, and how you perform. The nutrition in your diet plays a huge role in your long-term health.
It is helpful to know what foods are healthy and what you can do to ensure you eat the healthiest diet possible.

Good To Know


We can help you if you suffer from:

  • Headache and Migraine
  • Digestive problems
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Insomnia & Sleep problem
  • Skin, hair and Nail problem
  • Muscle and Joint pain
  • Allergy and Hay fever
  • Iron deficiency
  • Heart Health
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Women's Health
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Children's Health
  • Children's behaviour disorders
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic disease and inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary Problems

A small change in your diet and life style, can make a big change in your health



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We make it a priority to offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your unique scheduling needs.

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